Thursday, June 21, 2007

Status update

BamBam goes in for day surgery next week, they're inserting tubes in his ears to clear up an ongoing issue we've had with his hearing. It'll be reasonably pain-free, but he's a cautious little person and so we'll be using the next few days to help him prepare for the ordeal. We've got a video from the library and I've been bringing up the topic now and again, gently, since I've noticed he really doesn't want to discuss it. Fingers crossed it all goes well, they do this dozens of times a week, in any case.

Pebbles can stand, but at fourteen months hasn't begun walking yet. She does, however, climb - and there have been a number of heart-stopping incidents when we've had to take her down from the top of a five-foot ladder, the end table, etc. Have I mentioned this already?

Writing-wise, no news. I've had to make my peace with being a hobby-writer for now. Stick with me writer-friends, I still need you!


Jenny said...

Cindy -

My son didn't walk until just after 14 months. He's a cautious guy and wanted to be reeeeeally sure he could do it right. But then he went from a few independent steps to no-longer-crawling in the span of about 2 weeks, and now (at 15.5 months) is running. Oh, and climbing too. So I feel your pain!

Jo Bourne said...

Hi Jenny --

One thing you might do.

On the hospital visit, from the time you get into the car, through the whole thing -- take pictures.

Take pictures of the scary racks of instruments and the ceiling of the recovery room. Everything.

You two can discuss the pictures soon after. And then weeks after. And then a year after. This keeps memories of pain and fear from getting buried.

And make a copy for him and give them to him. These aren't for talking through or anything. They're his. Just let him have them to do whatever he wants with.