Saturday, October 27, 2007

A feeble wave from the dark side

Pebbles has been sick. She threw up in my spaghetti. She hasn't been eating or drinking much at all, so we're nursing more. She's in my arms all the time, anyway, no matter what the hour, day or night.

You moms know how it is at times like this. Baby wants nothing to do with the Daddy, and if you want a bath, you're taking her with - or you'll listen to her screech - your choice. At least she's only 20 lbs, if she even weighs that any more, with the week she's had.

So I'm at work today, and glad to be here. She seems a little better today, Daddy says. We'll see what happens at suppertime. Anyway, I want to reach between 6000 and 6500 words today, so I'd best bust a move.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Progress of Women

Wonderful co-worker took a call yesterday, from a woman. The customer seemed to have a question, and had finally begun to say what it was, when she interrupted herself to say:

"I'm sorry, I'm just a little confused, I expected a man to answer. And you guys were highly recommended. But anyway…"

Raised eyebrows all around, lady. Geez.

Of course we get that around here, but usually from men. And even among the men, it's usually those of a certain age, or who come from cultures that value men above women. One of *those* men once asked me for lower pricing, and when I refused, insisted to speak with my Dad. (Who is a mechanical engineer, and cares not how much I charge for floppy diskettes in my computer store.) I have always regretted not putting him though, anyway.

"Ya, Dad? There's someone here who wants to talk to you."

The Corn Maiden

I like to play a little game, it;s a tarot-type thing where you pick a card or a series of cards, as a sort of horoscope/thought for the day. They're Shaman Wisdom Cards, by Leita Richesson, U.S Games Systems (and if that don't take the magic out of it, eh?)

Anyway, here is what my card this morning said:
I am CornPlanting Moon. I am a place of beginnings. I am the germination of ideas. The Corn-Maiden comes as a symbol of food and sustenance for "The People." Honor Her…Under my light you are called to begin anew, to sharpen your communication skills…Energy increases during this time; let your ideas germinate and grow, let yourself smile at the progress.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Riding the waves

It hasn't been a big word-count day, though I confess to having had some free time. I'm blaming it on lack of sleep and a headcold, in case you're interested. (S)

The way this WIP seems to work is that I get a few scenes that pop up, and while I'm writing them, I'm surfing. Then, when they're done, there's a short lull while I wait for the next inspiration, and the next wave. Good news is that the next wave always comes, at least so far. The key is to be in the work EVERY DAY.

My goal is to reach 8000 words by the end of the month.

The weather has been unseasonably warm. Last night we left one of the living room windows open all night, and the temp was still 21 degrees C (70 or so) when I got up in the morning. Very nice, but scary in a global warming kind of way.

Welcome back to our Surrey friends!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Coming along!

See the word count...

I'm having a lot of fun.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Voices of Me

Yes, yes, YES!

My MC is talking, and I've got down a major scene that opens the way through to the next scenes. I'm jumping back and forth through the beginning, still learning about Carrie and where she is right now, but I feel good about where it's going. I'm constantly amazed about how much I'm learning about this process.

I've stopped going over to the forum, I simply don't have the time. I love the company there, but feel more and more lately like I have nothing to contribute. I guess even lurking there makes me feel like a big faker, like a joiner, like I'm pretending to be a writer, when I'm not - not through any fault or laziness, but we do as circumstances must. Now, though, it's time to get back

My goal wasn't to hang around watching writers chat about craft. My goal wasn't to make lots of writer friends (even though I love the ones I have made!) My goal was to grow as a writer, a mother and a woman. To write, to become more. I don't feel like I've been doing that lately. I feel used up.

Where once I wanted - needed - to be in touch, now I feel more like I need to withdraw. I need to light a candle. I need to turn inward, to sit quietly, and listen to the sound of my own thoughts, the voices of me. Until I can do that, what could I possibly have to share?