Tuesday, September 23, 2008


On my answering machine:
"Hello, this is Mr. C, you've done some work on my HP in the past. Anyway, this morning when I turn the thing on it just bleeps at me. I thought I'd get in in to you this morning, please call me back. (number)"

So I called, and I got his voicemail.
"Hello, this is Cindy from Itsy Bitsy Computers. You're welcome to leave your bleeping computer with us...(snrfl)...anytime...(choke)...sorry. The number is 555...(giggle)...see you later, bye. "


Lindsay York Levack said...


I love reading these funny moments from work.

Cindy said...

Hi Lindsay!
Thank you. It's nice for me to have someone to share them with!

(I owe you an email, I know. I'm sorry.)

I read about the tomatoes, and I totally agree. The raccoons ate all of mine. (cry)