Saturday, August 26, 2006

Family Therapy

This afternoon I was in a bit of a funk (see previous post), and so I decided to do a little baking. That’s my secret, the thing I love to do that actually looks like work, so people leave me alone while I’m at it. It’s therapy.

Venetian Chocolate Fingers looked like a fun recipe, so I tried it. A light chocolate biscuit, it said, dipped in semisweet chocloate. The dough was piped, so it was a fancy little morsel. I enjoyed making them, though I must say they didn’t really look like the picture. Not much.

Supper came, and look at that, no time. So I served my boys hotdogs and french fries, and for dessert, Venetian Chocolate Fingers, of course. “Cookie, hon?” He gave me a sceptical look that revealed his doubt as to the proper classification of those frilly numbers on the counter. “No, thanks.”

And hey, I spent two hours on those things, and he was having one. So I pretended I didn’t hear him. He took the proffered Venetian Chocolate Finger and dutifully popped it into his mouth. And chewed. “Mmmmmm” He said, pretending to savour it. Then he looked longingly at his empty water glass.

Wait a minute, I realized. He’s not savouring the cookie, he can’t swallow.

In the meantime, Little Boy wanted what his father had. So I gave him one. His speckled little face lit up when he saw the chocolate dip, and he nibbled the corner.

“No no,” said DH, his voice a little muffled, “just put it all in there. It’s ok, this once.” So, of course that’s what Little Boy did.

I watched his expression change from glee to consternation to dismay. Then DH started to laugh, and little boy did too, and there were bits of light chocolate biscuit flying all over the table.

So I took one, and cautiously bit it in half.

“No, that’s cheating.” DH informed me. “Eat it all at once.” So, in went the other half.

That little bugger sucked all the spit out of my mouth in 1.5 seconds. I parted my lips, I think I was hoping it would absorb some moisture from the air, but in the end I had to get a glass of milk. Light Chocolate Biscuits, dipped in semisweet chocolate, yes. And completely inedible.

Oh well. So I didn’t get a scrumptious dessert, but I had a good laugh with my boys. It was worth it.


Mrs. Mitty said...

MMmm, yummy! Sounds a bit like the chocolate chip *crackers* I made once. Used a tablespoon of baking soda instead of a teaspoon... :D

Vicki Pettersson said...