Thursday, January 11, 2007

Life returns to that which we call normal.

Hokay. BamBam is back at school (touch wood) after a false start yesterday. He's ok, really more ok than I thought he could be sent home for, but whatever. I was only having brunch with my mother after two solid weeks housebound. I got it to go, and ate it with my fingers in the car en route.

So here I am with some time to think, and it's a strange sensation after the upheaval of the holidays. I'm cleaning out the house, filling bags for Value Village and whoever has a baby next. I think I need to do this in my mental space, as well.

THE WITCH OF BADENOCH is still alive, after six years of rewrites and bashing my forehead on the keyboard. I've learned a lot and changed even more, so I'm ready for a fresh start. I have a white-knuckle sort of approach sometimes, I try so hard it's like I'm holding my breath. I'm determined, and that's good, but you can't force this stuff. So maybe less thinking, more listening. I have the outline in my mind, and I'm not going to try to wrestle its flailing subplots and howling characters onto paper. For now, with so little time available, I'm going to put it all into the writing. And except for a bit of blogging, anything to do with writing that is not writing will have to go.

Do catch up with Damomma, if you haven't.


Unknown said...

Hi Cindy!
How's your little boy? Did they find out what was ailing him?

Congrats on your progress!

Cindy said...

Hi Sara!

He's fine, from what I can tell. Thanks for asking! The urine test came back all right. My husband was born with a kidney abnormality that was quite serious by the time it was found - there were all sorts of "scopes" and a major surgery plus six months convalescence - so the words "blood" and "urine" in the same sentence don't make me feel warm and fuzzy at all. But it's all right.

The worst of it is that he's learned that he stays home when he's sick, and I suspect we'll need a plan to deal with that. Every chore has its ache or injury now. He managed to get the afternoon off school yesterday, and today he developed a rotten headache just when it was time to go to karate. Hmmmm.

You must have a strategy for this. How to you handle phoneyitis? (G)

Mrs. Mitty said...

Glad to hear the little one is alright!

Phoneyitis. {g} We see a lot of that at school. I always let the secretaries figure out if it's real or not. They see the kids with every complaint - whereas I only see them for a half an hour or so, once a week - so they know who the repeat offenders are for phoneyitis. LOL!

Sounds like you've got a good plan there for TWOB. Write, write, write! :)

Unknown said...

Oh, good. I'm glad to hear he's better.

Phoneyitis? Yes. We have a rule that if you don't have a fever and you're not vomiting or on the toilet with diarrhea, then you go to school. If such symptoms develop while at school, then you may come home, but not otherwise. It's a little tough to enforce at first. When they were younger, I would make sure to tell them their friends would miss them, and they would miss all the cool fun if they didn't go. Now that they're older, we put an emphasis on school being their "job", and they have to be responsible.

Good luck!