Thursday, January 04, 2007

The truth is...

Me first, then you!

The truth is I have an open box of Toffifee hidden in my underwear drawer. I just had four, for my lunch.

The truth is I vacuumed the counter today because I saw how dirty it was while I was vacuuming, so I just...did.

The truth is I was impatient with my sick little boy today at the grocery store because the Baby wouldn't let me put her down and I was trying to put the groceries on the belt with one hand and Little Boy was about to cry because I wouldn't let him crawl into the cart. Part 2 - I hate it when strangers, especially checkout girls, see my not-so-good parenting moments.

The truth is I just had a glass of Bailey's in milk because I felt overwhelmed. Now I feel much better, but the groceries aren't put away, still, and the tree is up, still, and the hamster is dead, still. (S)

The truth is both my kids are asleep, so I know there is a God. Off to write a bit!

1 comment:

Mrs. Mitty said...

I can so relate to your Truths. (Gotta love Bailey's, doncha? Mine goes in my coffee, though. {g})

The truth're not the only person ever to vacuum a counter. LOL!

The truth is...I haven't done laundry to speak of in three weeks. And yep, we're now officially out of everything. Laundry marathon this weekend.

And our Christmas things are all still up too. They're coming down tomorrow if all goes according to plan.

Hope you got some productive writing time in!