Friday, January 04, 2008

Back to Real Life

Can you spot the theme, here?

Scenario One:

Big family dinner (is there another kind?) at my parents' house. Uncle watches me lay Pebbles down on the carpet, preparing to change her diaper. He turns to my Dear Loving Husband, and asks, "So, is she a good eater?"

replies DLH: "She's getting to be. She was only about 110 lbs when I met her."


Scenario Two:

New Years' Eve at our house. I have offered a snack to my little sister, who is thirteen, 5"4 and 95 lbs.

Me: "Toast?"
Her: "No, I don't really like bread."
Me: "You don't like bread? Well, that'll keep you thin."
- Pause -
Her: "So, you must really like bread, hunh?"
Me: "Oh, yes, I love br...HEY!"


So anyway.

Pebbles has finally broken the 20lb barrier! She was 20 lbs from March to December, and finally weighed in at 21 on Christmas Day. I bet my DLH that she'd lose it by the next day, and lost. 21 lbs at 21 months. Go, Pebbles, my little firecracker!

My word goal for this months is utterly unrealistic, what with Everything, including my company's year end and the fact that I haven't written anything in THREE DAYS. The drought ends tonight.

For supper: Lasagne. For lunch: one overripe banana.


Lindsay York Levack said...

Yay! Only 3 days? Good for you!

Cindy said...

Hi Lindsay!

Well, it's turning out a little worse than that. (S) I'll bring it around.