Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Hand to Hold

Today is about my writing, come what may.

Except for, yanno, customers and high-priority Work Stuff. (G)

But I'm in a chair in front of my computer and I have scenes stirring behind my eyes, and that feels awfully good.

I'm aiming to cross the 30% mark today.

UPDATE, 4:30 pm

Have so far written the word "My."
Have sold two kick-ass gaming boxes, received, checked, labelled and put away three shipments, and taken about 20 phone calls. Listened to complaints from a technician about the new line of computer cases that (apparently) are hateful and inadequate. I have left nine messages, I have collected some money and I have eaten almost a whole box of swiss cheese crackers. I've browbeaten one RMA department into returning some software I did not order even though the invoice clearly states that there are no returns on software. (I didn't ORDER it, for chrissakes!) I have rearranged half the store - DID NOT mean to get into that but we were fast running out of shelf space. Oh, and DH stopped by with Pebbles, so I stopped to kiss her neck a dozen times.

I still need to place five hardware orders, pay my Visa, and clear off co-worker's desk before she comes back tomorrow and finds all kinds of crap tossed there for lack of a tidier destination.

And so I have written one. word.

And such is the road to hell.

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