Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Dust motes drifting in a shaft of sunlight made me sneeze,  and I swiped a grimy wrist over my forehead and scowled.  Spring cleaning always makes me wonder how I ever let things go so far awry - an uncomfortable parallel for my life in general. It was then I spotted it, on a high shelf at the back, under a silk paisley scarf: a battered wooden jewelry box.  I lifted it down reverently, remembering with a rush of longing and affection what I'd put inside.  It was so long ago.  I lifted the lid carefully, slowly, and there it was, just as I'd left it.  My blog.


So, how have you been???  We're pretty soggy; it's been raining about a month now and there's more coming, from what I hear.  But someone told me we're expecting a warm, dry summer, so I should be able to get the mildew out from between my toes by the first of July.  I would so love a warm sunny day.

Writing-wise, A HAND TO HOLD is in the final stages of the first draft.  It's about 57K right now, with big sections still to be imagined.  I haven't quite connected with my antagonist yet.  She won't look me in the eye.  She's elusive.  Demanding.  Unreasonable.  Dangerous.  So you can see why I've been leaving her alone.  She'll come to me when it's time, I think.  And if she doesn't, there's always the delete key.  There are lots of bad little ghosts out there who would love to be in my story, after all. 

In the meantime, I decided to play with an idea that I've had for a while now, up on that same shelf I told you about.  It's different for me.  It's YA.  It's fantasy.  That makes me a little nervous, since I don't read fantasy. It might never be anything - no, that's not quite true.  It is, even now, good exercise.  This story lets my imagination out to play, like a puppy in the backyard of my brain.  And I really need that right now.

I wonder if that is why so many people write fantasy.  (Is that even true, stats-wise?  I am scientifically uncertain of my remark. Forgive me, I'm an artsy type.)  Anyway, there are really very few restrictions for settings, characters, or crazy shiz that can happen.  It's very fun.

Speaking of fun, I must go and reconcile my bank statement.  Ha.  Good times.


Unknown said...


Now get writing!

Deniz Bevan said...

Fantasy YA, that sounds great!
And, oh yea, spring cleaning... We did a bit of that and, well, it's just easier to spend time blogging and squeezing in some editing here and there [g]

Danica-Dragonfly said...

WOW! I have missed you, Cin. I know I am walking around inside out lately ... but was covered in goose flesh after reading this.

Can NOT wait for your book!

Oh ... and don't waste your Spring with cleaning ... house work would patiently wait a hundred years for you ... no worries.

Cindy said...

Hi Sara!
We're baaack. Talk soon!

Hi Deniz!
Yes, spring cleaning...achoo.

As ever, your encouragement means a lot. *hug*
And I am amazed with you. You must feel so good!

Deniz Bevan said...

Hmm, well, I see Blogger's eaten not only my comment but your reply... Hope you're having fun writing!

Cindy said...

Hi Sara!
I will email you. Today. There - I said it in public, now I have to get it done for sure! :o)

Hi Deniz,
Yes, it's eaten comments here and on Sara's blog too. Aargh!
Hello and yes, I am having fun!