Friday, July 07, 2006

The Novelist and the Hare

I am not a fast writer.

I started to keep a progress journal, with daily word counts so I could track my progress, thinking this would be a good thing. Actually, it's turned out to be a little bit depressing, as it's revealed that all I've been getting down lately is a couple hundred words a day, every few days. Like, 2500 words for the whole month. (sigh)

All right, before you say it, I know. New baby, plus pre-existing child, marraige, self-employment, pets and household responsibilities do take time. (Gee, when I say it like that I want to go lay down.) So I know it's ok, it's truly my best at this time. It's just, you know.

OTOH, what I am writing feels good, and that keeps bringing me back to my keyboard. A few weeks ago that wasn't the case, so I'm grateful. I'll just keep at it, in between feeding hungry creatures and cleaning up after them.

Leaving tomorrow to go to my parents' cottage for a few days. Yay! Back at the end of next week, if you're interested.


Susan Adrian said...


See, you said it yourself, how busy you are.

As long as you still find the time in there somewhere, where you can, you'll keep going. Just don't give up altogether and you'll get there!


Vicki Pettersson said...

Have a wonderful time! And I bet you come back refreshed, and you'll naturally write more. Everyone needs a break.