Thursday, July 20, 2006


There were tears, name-calling, gnashing of teeth, foot-stomping and a time-out. But he ate his lunch.

Thursday is grocery day, and wouldn't you know I forgot to eat breakfast. My hair and make-up are done, I'm dressed in a pair of shorts that's one size too small, the kids are fed and their little bums are clean. It was a bazillion degrees and there was construction en route to the usual grocery store, so we went to the unusual one. I hate that. I need to know where stuff is.

Note - not everybody can work three tenses into one paragraph!

Anyway, we got home and I'm starving, but I did all right - didn't make any hunger-induced bad judgement calls by that point, but never fear. I fixed that with a lunch of two chocolate cookies (with icing) and a pack of ramen noodles. In that order. (That'll take care of my sugar, fat and sodium budget for the day...phew, don't need to worry about that anymore!) Then I took a mulitvitamin - call that my perfunctory nod to the nutrition gods.

Phoned my husband to make him laugh and brag about how good the kids were at the grocery store. Fired the littlest into the crib to watch the clown mobile and sat down to fill you all in - 'cause I'm sure you need to know how my day has been, so far.

Maybe later we can talk about writing - I need another chocolate cookie.

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