Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Books, Snow, and a Good Life

On Saturday after work, the Beloved and I went to Chapters to use the gift certificates we've been saving up from Christmas and birthdays.  What fun!  I picked up Vicki Pettersson's 4th, City of Souls, Rachel Vincent's 4th in the Shifter series, Prey (which is not in yet, actually) and a hardcover by Sarah Waters called The Little Stranger.  The kids got some books too of course, including Phoebe Gilman's Something From Nothing, which I adore.

Sunday was then spent in our warm yellow living room amongst tilty stacks of fresh books, playing and reading while tufts of fluffy snow drifted past the windows.  We ate bacon, drank hot chocolate, and it was a Good Day.

I wrote a little - have been writing a little - every day on an as-can basis.  A few hundred words here and there.  My focus right now is...to not focus so much.  To just let the story fall out through my fingertips onto the screen, gently, quietly, and without waking the internal editor.  (She's such a bitch, I don't know why we can't fire her.  But management says we'll need her during rewrites. *sigh*)

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Danica-Dragonfly said...

Sounds heavenly :)