Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Today I got up early again to write, and managed 700 words or so in that one precious hour before the rat race begins.  I'm still marveling at how that small effort to fit myself into my own life changes the way I feel.

I'm thoughtful today.  The music is off and the customers are (so far) leaving me alone.  I'm enjoying the feeling, because it's rarely this peaceful here and I have many things I can get done today.  And I might even bail out early, go home and make supper for the Beloved.

I have a favour to ask, though, before I get to work.  I'm brainstorming ghostly manifestations, and I want these scenes to be really chilling and spooky.  Does anyone have a ghost story to share?  You can email me if it's private.


Claire G said...

Hey Cindy!

Happy Tuesday to you, if a little belated. I hope you had a great day and made it home in time for a nice supper :)

I have a lot of ghost stories from my work with Australia's Aboriginal people. Their culture is very much aligned with the spiritual world and I've had all kinds of weird experiences that can't just be explained away.

Probably the best ghost story I heard was from an Aboriginal friend who had a 2-year-old brother at the time. His family had just moved into a new house, and one evening his mother and brother were sitting the the lounge room when the brother started staring up at a corner of the ceiling, open-mouthed. He stared and stared until his mother asked him what he was looking at.

Very matter of fact, he replied, "That man up there."

She told him to stop being silly, but within a couple of minutes he was staring at the corner again, transfixed. His mother asked him again what he was looking at, and got the same answer.

So, getting a little frustrated, she said, "All right. If there's a man up there, what is he doing?"

The little boy turned around and, smiling, said, "He's going like this..." and began to draw his index finger across his throat in the classic "you're dead" sign.

The whole family cleared out of the house that night and never went back.

Anonymous said...
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Cindy said...

Oooh Claire!

I've got full-body goosebumps, that is so creepy! I would have been gone, too.

Danica-Dragonfly said...

Hmmm .. I'll have to think about that for a bit :)

Glad to see you fitting yourself into your life.