Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Jabbering

It's a beautiful Indian summer day, 15 degrees (celcius) with a breeze that smells fresh and clean.  That's probably because it really rained here yesterday - all day pouring rain that had some of the major thoroughfares closed due to being under water.  On the eastern shore they measured just over 104mm of the stuff - more than twice the record for that day.  New high score!

Climate change?  What climate change???

In other news, Jennifer Hendren's book dropped this week!  BY THE PALE MOONLIGHT is an edgy YA novel about a murder, a sexy werewolf named Ty, and a race for the truth - a race against the full moon. (Love that line!)  You can find Jen here.

I can't wait to read it.  It's the very next thing on my list! 

So as for my other word-count foolishness and hijinks, I am leaving my goal as it stands.  This is because I reviewed what I have, and my draft is very lean.  It's skinny.  I think I'll get to the end of the plot (as I know it right now) at about 40K, and that might be something I can accomplish before year's end.  After that I need to flesh it out, fill it in.  Feed it a few cheeseburgers, add some foreshadowing, extra description and slow down the pace because Iwritetoofast.

So thaaaaaat's what I'll do!

 Kait wrote a good post about YA relationships today.  So if you read my YA, don't be expecting anything steamy.  At all.  I MIGHT let them kiss (glares suspiciously at underaged characters.)  MAYBE.  If it's important.


Deniz Bevan said...

I agree with you and Kait. Even hand holding can be unbearably exciting if it's written with lots of tension. Anne and May did that sort of thing really well in their Miracle Girls series.

Jennifer Hendren said...

Thanks for the mention, Cindy! I really hope you love BTPM. :)

Ohh, and I can't wait to hear more about your YA. Good luck with the revisions!