Monday, October 17, 2011

Reality Check

So I'm being stupid.  Anyone surprised?
Shut up, you in the back!

If a typical YA is 60,000 words and there are 11 weeks left until the end of the year and I write (as I have these past few weeks) roughly 1500 words per week and a train leaves Cleveland, Ohio travelling at 145 km/h, there is no possible way for me to finish this book this year.  The truth would be closer to 29 weeks, which is more like...the spring.

In order to finish this book this year I would have to suck at everything else.  I say that like it's even an option, which of course it isn't.  So I'm going to have to change my goal. 
The thing is, if I take that long - 5 or 6 more month - to write it I'm almost certain to lose interest.  This is what happens to me every time.  Real life is first.  My kids, my husband, my job - these are my First Things.  Writing is after, and I wouldn't change that.  I just need to sort out how to get more words written.

So, while I make a plan to make a plan, Trixie (my MC) has just been poisoned.  I should go see how she's doing.


Deniz Bevan said...

Come and join NaNoWriMo!

Cindy said...

Should I? I've never done that. I thought you really had to commit a lot of time, and I don't really have that. I'll go read about it...