Friday, October 28, 2011

The Little Moments

"Hi, um, my car is doing a thing."
"A thing?"
"Yeah.  It's shaking.  Or, like a wobble."
"A wobble."
"More like a shimmy, a tremor?"
He sighs.  (This is the best I can do, honest.)
"Can you feel it in the steering wheel?"
"It's not doing it right now.  Yes, I think so."
A pause.  Then:  "Pull over, I'm coming."

BamBam, talking to Pebbles at the bathroom sink: "This toothpaste is awesome. It fights cavities, sensitivity, bad breath and TAR TAR."
Pebbles, impressed: "Ooh. What's TAR TAR?"
BamBam" "I don't know. But it doesn't sound good."

The van stops in front of me on the shoulder of the highway.  A handsome man climbs out.  I hop out, kiss him, and steal his ride.  As I pull away, I see him in the rearview mirror, bending to look underneath my car.

Pebbles:  "I spelled ice cream!
BamBam: "Ice cream?"
Pebbles: "YES!  BWAH HA!  IN YOUR FACE!!!!"

"So, you made it home."
"You checked the car?"
"So? What was causing the wobble?"
"The wind."
Pause.  "Really?"
"Oh.  Well, I have to go now."

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Deniz Bevan said...

Ooh, I've had the wind shake our car like that once on the highway - very scary.
Tartar, lol.
Thanks for sharing!