Monday, November 28, 2011

...And we're back

Sort of.  I've decided not to hire anyone right now.  So there.

It's been a little rough, and sometimes I'm not sure just which direction I ought to go.  So for now, we're going to hang out where we are, and wait for the answers to come to us.  If a good one wanders too close to me, I'll snatch it and put it in my pocket.

As for writing, I've been having a terrific time.  I wrote myself through the first act without any sort of outline, dropping breadcrumbs for subplots and singing softly to myself.  I have arrived at the second act and some of those trails are heating up.  Funny how life informs the plot of whatever you're writing - and brings you in directions you wouldn't otherwise have thought of.  I like some of the ideas that are bubbling up.  And apparently, I end many of my sentences with prepositions. 

I need some coffee.

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Deniz Bevan said...

Mmm, coffee... So excited to hear that the writing's going well!