Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Carbs: How do I love thee?

I was getting ready for work this morning when my husband asked me if I had made a lunch.

"Yup!" I huffed, stuffing my leg into my jeans and buttoning up (with a little difficulty) on my way down the hall.  Then I paused in the kitchen to pack what I had assembled.  I laughed. 
I had:
A bagel (bread)
Crackers (fried bread)
Cookies (bread with sugar)
and a sandwich (bread with meat)

My husband rolled his eyes and helped me make a salad.

I think maybe I should cut back on the carbs a little.  It's just, I love them.  I love toast with my tea.  I love toasted cheese buns with hot chocolate.  Ooh, you should try this: crush up some Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips in your tomato soup.  I love sweets, and chocolate.  Yes, I do.

Don't get me wrong, I also love meat.  And cheese.

Vegetables?  Not so much.  Not at all, really. 

BUT there's good news!  There's an app for this.  A free app!  If you're an All Recipes junkie (like me) you'll enjoy this: try the DinnerSpinner.  You pick your dish type: main dish, side dish, soup, or SALAD - then ingredients: seafood, chicken, beef, cheese, VEGETABLE - and the time you have to spend: 20 minutes or less - and it brings you suggestions.  It's fun, which helps when you're faced with the prospect of preparing food that you don't really want to eat. 

Want to share?  What are your favourite vegetable recipes?

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Deniz Bevan said...

I love vegetables and all those other things. But, ah, bread. I could eat bread allllll day. Fresh bread and cheese. Toast and egg. Sandwiches. Crackers. Baguettes. Olive bread.
And so on :-)