Saturday, November 25, 2006

And life goes on

DH came upstairs at around 11:30 last night, to find me wearing a few weary tears and a seven-month-old baby on my shoulder.

"It'd be nice if you could sleep during the day," he commented, taking the baby from me. It would be nice, but I've always found that idea to be just that - a nice idea. In practical terms it doesn't work.

"It's not about sleep," I told him, "it's about free time. That fifteen-minute bath is the only time I've had to myself all day."

So he's gone out to run some errands today - and get groceries! - and little boy is with him. Baby girl is asleep. And later, he's taking them both to Karate, so another hour alone for me. Yay!

I'm engrossed in Robert McKee just at present, so I'll I think I'll spend a precious half-hour on that. Then I'll write a bit. Why am I blogging? Greasing the joints, I think. Cheers!

Things I'm grateful for today:
  • It's sunny.
  • I have time alone. Wahoooo!
  • I chose well, and we made some beautiful kids.
  • Christmas is coming!
  • Last night, while Baby had her bath, little boy sat beside me on a heap of dirty laundry and looked at a book about the solar system. It was one of those moments that I know I'll remember, even though it wasn't important, exactly.


Mrs. Mitty said...

Dear Cindy,

Ohh, what a guy! Yep, I agree, you chose well. :)

Glad to hear you got a little "you-time" in, too. You deserve it. It can be rough on moms when kids are so little and demanding (and sweet and lovey and precious too, thank goodness...or whyever would we put up the demanding bits? {g}).

I love those little "unimportant" vignettes! Definitely those are the keeper moments. :)

Mrs. Mitty said...

(er, put up *with*...) Time for bed, methinks! :)

Cindy said...

Dear Mrs. Mitty:
Yes, if it wasn't for those gummy little grins, it would be a lot harder to deal with Baby - 18 hours after we got up in the morning.

Thank heavens (and knock on wood) last night she passed out around 8:30. Hallelujah! I hope that's over with....

Mrs. Mitty said...

Dear Cindy,

18 hours...yikes. But a big woo-hoo! on the 8:30 bedtime! Lets hope she decides that'll work for her permanently. ;)


Jenny said...

Cindy -

Glad you got some time for yourself. :-)

Thanks for the encouragement the other day, I'm still trying to truck along without burning out.

Oh, and mine's almost 9 months now (I can't believe it!) and crawling. Making things way more interesting, as I'm sure you know.

Susan Adrian said...


I tagged you--you're it!! :)