Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

I have a killer immune system. I’m never sick. The whole family can be hacking and wheezing and retching all around me and I stand healthy, the bearer of Puffs and the occasional bowl of chicken soup. Or an empty bowl, if that’s really necessary.

But oh, we’ll not be bragging about that today.

I have a sinus thing, and a runny nose and I’m cranky. The grocery store had no ginger, and I’m running very low, so soon I won’t be able to make my I’m-sick-and-I’m-going-to sulk-about-it-now-tea. Insert huge, pained sigh here and let’s move on.

Hearing test for Little Boy turned up with mild bilateral conductive hearing loss again. It should be treatable, it looks like it’s just fluid in the inner ear. Or too much fluid, I mean, I think there’s fluid there in any case…So, back to the family doctor and perhaps a specialist.

I’ve cleaned my desk and I’ve cleaned the hamster cage and the baby will be up soon. My poor, whithered mind, deprived of sleep and entertainment lo these past two weeks, is starting to stir and stretch. I miss my mc, and though I’ve only known her a short while, she wants me to get on with her story. Her mother needs me, too, and so it looks as though I’ll be having two protags this time around as well.

So, it’s back to the land of the writing. See you there.

Things I'm grateful for:
My slow cooker.
Baby's having a nice long nap.
I've got a little work done this morning.
I've still got a few minutes left for me.


Jenny said...

So sorry you're not feeling well! Have fun getting back to your mc(s) - mine are calling, as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor you! ::passing the virtual chicken soup::

Hope you're better PDQ and that things work out for the best with Little Boy, too.

Cindy said...

Dear Jenny:
Thanks! I wrote a little yesterday, sometimes things just don't go the way I plan. Today Little Boy comes home early, that should keep me busy!
Hope your writing goes well. You're making awesome progress!

Cindy said...

Dear Mrs Mitty;
(Slurp) Aaaaah, thank you!
I think Little Boy's ears will be fine eventually. For now it's crazy-making - I'm never sure whether he's hearing, not hearing, ignoring me or being dense. (G)