Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Baby Girl woke up at 4:45 a-freaking-m this morning, I kid you not. Bonus, though, she's asleep early. I'm intentionally not following this scenario through to tomorrow morning in my tired litle mind, I'll just enjoy the extra hour and plunk out some words.

yay, me!

Only two interviewees tomorrow, one of whom indicates on her resume that she knows a few things about computers. Handy, that, as I do have a COMPUTER STORE. I was surprised how many applicants actually just learned to turn on them blasted new-fangled thingies. S'okay, I have a paper shredder. (sigh)

Visited with Beloved Neighbour and her kids today, which did me some good. We were on mat leave together and I miss seeing her a few times a week. So cool to see how our four kids are growing, all so different from one another.

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