Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Run ragged but feelin' good

So, life trips along.

Interviewing is almost over, I've narrowed it down to a smallish handful and we're talking to people a second time this week in preparation for the Big Choice. Hmmmm. Who do I want to share a tiny office with for the next However Long? Who can take care of my business, my other baby, that which makes all other things (financially) possible? Who will my customers like the best? So many things to think about.

Many miles to go today, groceries, an interview, laundry, supper, homework, baths and hopefully a nod to personal hygeine in there somewhere. It's been like this.

But last night, at 9:45 I figured I had twenty minutes left in me, and I wrote. I nearly had to use a crowbar to get my butt (which is shrinking nicely, in case you're interested (G)) into this chair. But I did it! And I wrote 250 words. Yay, me! So it is possible, I *can* push a little harder.

For now though, maybe some makeup and a cuppa before I have to run.

Hope you're all well.

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