Friday, March 02, 2007


I have one of those bad feelings today. Jittery, and a little nauseous. Probably it's nothing, here's hoping.

One time I got like this on the way to a party, I had to pull the car over and calm down. Later, at the party, some guy pulled out a knife and stabbed two people. There have been other times too, but that's by far the most ...dramatic. (S)

Do you ever have these feelings?

We're getting Sara's snow later today, it's supposed to make quite a mess.

So, our Miss Vicki goes off to San Fransisco today, I'm sure we're all thinking about her. I'm almost finished reading SOS, and it'll blow your mind. Go ye forth to the bookstore! Right now!


Unknown said...

Cool new look! I like it!

I'm sending shiny,happy thoughts your way to chase away those heebie-jeebies!

The storm is swirling counter-clockwise, and we're due to get a second on-slaught, um, *looks outside*, now.

Stay warm!

Cindy said...

Hi Sara:

You look just exactly like I imagined. (S)

I guess what we're having isn't the same storm system you've got after all, ours came up the coast.

I hope you guys are all right, sounds like a bad-ass blizzard, there!

Susan Adrian said...


Yep, I get those feelings too. I had some last week, in fact, but didn't want to post about it for fear of it coming true!

Fortunately, mine usually turn out to be nothing. {knocks wood}

Cindy said...

Hi Susan!
(G) Nothing horrible came about, I'm wondering now if it wasn't just a physical reaction to some major stresses we're working through right now. Work is not going well. One of my employees is leaving, she's the one who runs the place when I'm not there. DH's sweet, sweet 87-year-old great-aunt got out of heart surgery half an hour ago. (touch wood, say little prayer) No news on that yet. Son will need tubes in his ears, he can't hear. Bratty, adored little brother who moved out west - whom I miss terribly - doesn't bother about responding to emails or phone messages. (sigh) Writing, well, nevermind. You get the picture!

(S) All will be well.