Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Be A Jerk Day!

Apparently, it's Be A Jerk Day.  I had no idea, or I would have been all over this thing.

Like when Buddy emailed to say that the RAM he bought from me a year ago is not compatible with his mainboard, and I should have known that and I am the cause of all his troubles in the whole wide world ever since?  I would have pointed out in plainer language that first, I didn't sell him the computer, second, I've never seen the computer, and third, that's bullshit.

And when that other guy left me three messages about needing a laptop hard drive, and I had to listen to them ALL, and then he made a point of saying to me that he could get it cheaper elsewhere, I would have said "Thank you, Mr. Unnecessarily Rude, you do that."  (Because that is what I sound like when I'm being a jerk.  I'm Canadian.)

And when the new girl at the convenience store charged me $2.00 for the stale muffin, I would have told her to keep it and walked out of the store instead of being Nice and just paying the money and eating the damn muffin.

I would wear a shirt that said "DO I LOOK LIKE FREAKING GOOGLE?  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!"

And when that little man took a whole hour picking out parts for his new computer, and I really needed to pee and eat lunch, and he was telling me about how he bought a house in PEI and his wife lived in it and he commuted from a different province for three years and then when he finally retired she GOT CANCER AND DIED, I would have said, "Ahem, will that be Visa or Mastercard?"


Actually, I'm glad I'm not a jerk. 

And the muffin wasn't so bad after I dunked it in my coffee.

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Danica-Dragonfly said...

Aw, hun ... I feel your pain.

I'd LOVE to have a T-shirt that says "Do I LOOK LIKE GOOGLE??!!" on it ... or perhaps Canada411 ... maybe the yellow pages... google maps?


No wonder I hate people ... they hated me first!