Monday, September 18, 2006

My new life

It's been quite a week. We're adjusting to the reality of elementary school and what that means for our family. I'm officially a working Mom again - ok, it's only one morning a week, but it's regular. And it's the only the beginning. Baby Girl rolls over now, and she's so proud.

Little Boy was having anxiety about getting on the bus in the morning. It's almost the last stop on the route, so there aren't very many seats left, and I could see how that would be uncomfortable - remember getting on the bus? Everybody's watching you, waiting for you to sit down. But then on Friday, we discovered another reason for Boy to be intimidated. The bus driver was driving away while the kids were still walking toward the back of the bus!

So I called the company, and the woman said that's a major safety rule and they'd talk to the driver. I know at least two other moms called, as well. This morning, the guy DID IT AGAIN! So I called again, and I think maybe that's It For Him. I'm sorry if the guy loses his job, but if he's not prepared to put my son's safety first, I'll make sure his boss does.

I'm learning to get by on less sleep, which is a little tricky for me because I have anxiety about that. I'm not the same when I'm tired, it makes me feel rattled and crabby.

As for writing, there's been very little, but I'm using all the time I have - and that's all I can do, isn't it?

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Renée (R.E.) Chambliss said...

Yes, it's all you can do. And little chunks here and there can take you a long way, as long as you write regularly. Try not to beat yourself up!

How annoying about the bus driver! I'd have called too. Hope that's the end of the problem.