Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One Step forward

All right, that's done. I had to be a bit more ruthless than I imagined, hacking a total of about 14K *cough cough* but it had to be done.

Here's what I know: (Too much Glen Beck)
1. My characters sigh too much.
2. I have this bizarre problem with attaching the wrong action tags to people.
3. I did not write what I thought I wrote, I hold things back because I hate it when people repeat themselves repeat themselves.
4. My beginning needs work.
5. My middle needs alotta work.
6. I'll need to come up with some sort of ending.

I am waaaay back from where I thought I was, but then, I used to be writing a different novel. This is a fresh start (she reminds herself.)

Next: Go through this thang again. Make notes about what needs to go where.
Write. New. Words.
Eat, sleep, tend to family, and repeat.

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